The Gunslinger: Book Review

The Gunslinger: Book Review

The Gunslinger Book Review

The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger Book Review

If you want a good mix of fantasy and the old west spiced up with some horror and technology then this is the saga for you. This post, “The Gunslinger: Book Review”, shares my impression of the first book in Stephen King‘s Dark Tower Series. I’ve read, re-read and listened to this book many times. It never ceases to impress me.

Roland, The Gunslinger

From the first line, “The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed.” you form an image of the hero and his nature. It let’s you know that he is determined and that the villain fears his wrath. Why else would they both brave the perils of the desert?

King builds on this foundation to tell you more about Roland and his world oddly familiar to our own. He builds the world around the Gunslinger one piece at a time blending the exotic with the mundane. Throughout the book the picture of Roland fills in, bit by bit and the world around him grows more and more complex.

Jake, The Gunslinger’s Travelling Companion

Early on Roland gains a travelling companion, the boy Jake. Through Jake, more of Roland’s nature shows itself to the reader. You come to understand Roland may not be the whitest of knights. In fact, he may be fatally flawed.

Jake’s story is tragic in its own right. Against his will, he marches towards a destiny not of his own choosing. All the while dependent on Roland to lead the way and provide for his well being.

The Man In Black, The Gunslinger’s Quarry

Roland doggedly pursues the Man in Black, never wavering in his determination. Throughout the novel you catch fleeting glimpses of this quarry and gradually come to understand more of why Roland pursues him. More mysteries await as this history unfolds.

The Cliffhanger

The Gunslinger is only the beginning of the saga of Roland and his pursuit. In the end, you are left with questions and quite a long road ahead before the story is done. The Dark Tower spans seven novels each taking you further into Roland’s world and beyond.

You can be satisfied at the end of The Gunslinger or you can continue to walk with Roland on his adventures for some time to come. The choice is up to you.

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