Afterburn SF Overview

Afterburn SF is a paying market for pieces of Speculative Fiction in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres.  For flash pieces under 500 words the current rate for publication is $15.  For short fiction of 2000 to 5000 words the current rate is $45.

Rights Required

Afterburn acquires the rights to exclusive web publication for one year and requires a 120 day period of non-publication of the work contracted in  any other medium.  Afterburn only acquires original works that have not appeared in publication in any prior markets.

Multiple and Simultaneous Submissions

Authors are permitted a single active submission with Afterburn SF.  Upon notice of rejection or acceptance for publication the author may submit their next work.

No simultaneous submissions are permitted.  If a piece of work is currently submitted with another market DO NOT submit that work to Afterburn SF until that submission has expired or been withdrawn.

Queries for status

Please allow four weeks from submission date before querying for status of submission.

Format Guidelines

Submissions must be submitted as Google documents to  All other submissions will be rejected unread.

Periods should be followed by a single space.

Oxford commas should be used only when necessary for clarification.

Review and Revision

These guidelines are subject to review and revision.  Please confirm your submission matches the current revision before submitting.