Be it known that in the sixth month of the year two thousand and eighteen, the publication known as Afterburn SF has issued a challenge to all able champions of the written word.  It is proclaimed that said champions should muster their greatest creations and bring them forth to present before the council for selection to be sent far and wide among the known and unknown world.

Champions from three specialties shall be selected.

The specialty of Science shall be represented by the champions that provoke the most thought about the modern world by focusing attention on what it could become.

The specialty of Fantasy shall be represented by the champions that best stir the imagination by bringing the legends of yesterday to life.

The specialty of Horror shall be represented by the champions that best inspire the need to keep a candle burning late into the night to ward off the unknown.

All champions should make themselves familiar with the rules of participation.  Champions that fail to follow the rules are subject to utter scorn and disqualification from participation.

Who among you will rise to the challenge?  Who will take up the mantle of champion and gain the fame and glory?  Who will be known far and wide throughout the land as having the greatest creation to share with the world?

Come!  Meet the challenge.  Bring forth your great works and present them to the council for consideration.

Wherever you may be dust off you quill and parchment, light a candle to banish the shadows and pen your creations.  The rewards of fame and riches await you.

The challenge has been set forth.  The council is waiting.  Soon the throngs of champions will encamp themselves outside the city walls, vying each day to be seen and be considered.

Will you be first among them?  Will you be the first champion selected?

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