Today is day one for the return of Afterburn SF as a short fiction publication.  It has always been a passion project for me.  My desire to read and publish great stories of far distant futures, fantastic legends and spine tingling tales that make you want to keep the light on at night was what led me to Afterburn in the first place.

The site has been on Hiatus for a while as I pursued other endeavors.  None brought me nearly the satisfaction that publishing Afterburn has.  It is with that desire to have fun again that I’ve brought Afterburn back from the catacombs where it has been hiding.  I am bringing it out to the light of day once more.

It may be a slow start.  I am seeking authors and an audience once again for the publication.  I am paying for published works but at the moment can’t offer the rates I would like to insure the best fiction ends up on Afterburn’s digital pages.  As readership and revenues grow I plan to increase rates as quickly as possible.  If you’re interested in helping with that please consider supporting Afterburn through Patreon.

Whether or not you can help financially another, even more important, way to support Afterburn is to help get the word out.  Tell a friend, shoot tell two!  While you’re at it, I bet you have friends with social media accounts.  I bet they might even be interested in hearing about what you are reading here at Afterburn.  Could I ask you for a favor?  Would you be willing to post a quick video letting them know Afterburn is back?  If not a video how about a quick message?

Would ‘ya?  I’d greatly appreciate it.

About to wrap it up for today.  More to come soon.  Stay tuned.

Oh!  That reminds me!

The best way to know when something new is ready is to get on the mailing list.  It’s going to be the primary way I let folks know about new content on the site and new podcast episodes.  Podcast?!?  Did I just say podcast? Oh heck yes!  Be on the lookout for that as well.  But in the meantime sign up for the mailing list, follow Afterburn on Twitter, friend Afterburn on Facebook, and connect with Afterburn on Instagram.


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