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Effective Appetite Suppressant

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.  This is the first installment in Afterburn SF’s Wednesday Flash Fiction series.  Fiction under one thousand words delivered right […]

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Be it known that in the sixth month of the year two thousand and eighteen, the publication known as Afterburn SF has issued a challenge to all able champions of […]

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The Morning After the Return

Today is day one for the return of Afterburn SF as a short fiction publication.  It has always been a passion project for me.  My desire to read and publish […]

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Prey on the flesh of the dead… Ghouls lurk among the dead, preying on them for sustenance.  I’m pleased to return to the world of speculative fiction publishing with this […]

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Hello world!

Afterburn SF, the source for great Speculative Fiction is returning to the web.  We are actively accepting submissions for publication in print and podcast form. If you would like your […]

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Afterburn SF has returned after a significant hiatus to bring you the best in SciFi, Fantasy and Horror the that Speculative Fiction Writers have to offer.  Stay tuned dear readers  […]

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